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My name is Kirsten. 

I find I am not one to follow convention, or go with trends. I tend stand a little on the outside doing my own thing. I work to create solutions where the conventional tells you there are only problems.

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My Story

I picked up my first tarot deck when I was 15 with the naïve hope it would predict my future and lead me to riches and instant success. To my disappointment the cards were not going to predict my future, instead they gave me the information I needed most to grow in the moment. Still, they were pretty and I liked using them, so tarot quickly became a personal healing tool for me and started my journey into Shadow work.


As I dove more into the world of Shadow work, I overcame my traumatic childhood and transformed my beliefs about myself from “I’m a terrible monster” to “I am love and one with the Universe.” It took me over a decade to get to that point, but shadow is a journey and never truly “complete.” Through working with my Shadow, letting go of burdens, releasing and cutting cords, and reprograming my truths that I found out my true strength and gifts.


As my journey continued, I wanted to know how I can help others with their own transformation and started looking for other ways outside of tarot to connect with people. This led me to the Akashic Records. The Akashic records help answer questions that are beyond the scope of the tarot card’s ability. The Akashic records allow me to glimpse into past lives to see if some of work needs to be done on a soul level.


My own records then encouraged me to take my own Shamanic journey. Shamanism was the final piece of the puzzle for me. My Shamanic journey helped me to reclaim my power and confidence to be who I am, through soul retrieval and many otherworld journeys.


My mission is to help guide others through their own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Using the tools and gifts I have available to me, I provide personalized insights to help others overcome obstacles, tap into their inner wisdom, and allow them to live a more authentic life. As a spiritual life coach, I use the tarot, the records, and intuitive guided meditations to empower clients to navigate their challenges with confidence, compassion, and clarity.

My Philosophy

I like to have fun, but also know how to keep things focused so the real work can happen. The Universe has been one of my greatest teachers, you just have to be willing to listen. If you don't have an open heart and open mind there is no room for change. 

I will not do a reading about anyone other than yourself. Readings are a very private experience and I will not invade another's privacy.

I am here to guide you on your life's journey, but there are many things outside of my area of expertise.

I am not a lawyer or doctor.

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