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My name is Kirsten and I've been doing tarot for over fifteen years. I find I am not one to follow convention, or go with trends. I always stand a little on the outside doing my own thing and this is also true with my tarot.

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My Story

I originally used tarot hoping to find answers about life and to see a glimpse into my future. I thought tarot would provide me easy answers on how to go about my life so I could miss all the road blocks and just sail on by. It didn't take long before I began to learn the true nature of the cards.


The cards don't give easy answers they tell you the truth. The cards gave me information I needed to grow, they also made me own up to my own behaviors and helped me to see my true reflection. They showed me different paths I could take based on my decisions to act or not ac and gave me insight to how my attitude would also influence the outcome.


Through my journey with the cards they have helped me navigate some of my lowest points in life and helped lead me to some of the best points in my life. The cards allowed me to create my own road map and still do to this day. This was how I learned to create my future.


Throughout the years I have learned different healing modalities outside of tarot that continue to support me in my growth. Growth is ongoing process. Everyday I am learning more about myself and continuing to focus on be the best version of me I can be. I'm constantly checking in with my spirit guides and higher self to make sure I stay on the path that best serves me.

My goal is to help others find themselves so they can be truly happy in their own skin. I want to help people and show them that happiness starts with them. I myself had a "box" that was created for me, but not by me. This "box" was made by well intended friends and family, but it wasn't who I was. I had to learn how to break out of the "box" and be myself, and that's what I want to help others to do as well.

My Tarot Philosophy

I like to have fun when I am doing a reading, but I also take my readings seriously. Tarot has been one of my greatest teachers, you just have to be willing to listen.  

I will not do a reading about anyone other than yourself. Tarot is a very private experience and I will not invade another's privacy.

I am not a lawyer or doctor.

I am here to read the cards and bring some spiritual insight into your life.

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