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Services I Offer

I have several ways to help you find your personal truths, so you may walk your own authentic path. All readings can be done live through the magic of the internet! Some reading can include a written summary which can be emailed to you 7-14  days after your initial reading. If you are not comfortable with a live reading message me. I can do some live readings recorded or strictly in written form.

I also offer Private Coaching. I know throughout my life, I always wished I could have the "guru" person to tell me what to do, and where to go. Well I may not be an official guru, I do have the ability to help guide on your own path through different modalities. You will also have access to me through Facebook Messenger.(I am currently looking to find another type of communication app) 

If you have any question please reach out to me!

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Want to know where you are in your life journey? Want to know where your path is heading now and have a road map for the path ahead? Have a big decision to make and want an unbiased second opinion? 

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The Akashic Records is a library in the astral realm. The records contain all of life’s memories and knowledge. In the records you can get insight from past lives, ancestors, pasted loved ones, guardian angels, deities, or any guides who assist you. The records hold all the information about you, so if you have any question about yourself or your path, the records can give guidance there too.

Wanting to change your life, but are unsure where to start? Looking for guidance on how to start facing your shadows and heal. Let's chat. I will use all that I know and have learned to help you and make theses changes. 

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