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Vulnerable Questions

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Have you ever wanted something so badly that pure thought of it coming true terrifies you? Yeah, that’s what your “true purpose” or “life’s dream” feels like. At least that is what everyone tells you. Honestly though it makes sense. If you know anything about me, you know I have been chasing this dream of Tarot for years now and all that has come of it so far is a social media page and this website. Yes, I have full support from friends and family, but I’m not really sure I have supported myself the idea of success.

The truth is going out on your own and doing your own business leaves you completely vulnerable. You have no one easy safety net to fall back on. When you work at job, you have an employer who tells you what to do and what they expect out of you. You go in that day and do your best to fill those expectations, but if you mess up a little bit or can’t give your 100% it’s ok. The employer can handle that, that’s what they get paid the “big bucks” for right? When you work for yourself, you are it. If you fail or doing something wrong, it is 100% on you.

Then there is the thought that your business will be ruined due to events outside your control. Now is a perfect example of how real and easy that scenario can play out. We are seeing small businesses all over falling apart because they can’t manage to make it without outside help. And then what? If that has been your life and living source for years and it taken away, where does that leave you then? When you work for a company, they can find you a new position, or you can possibly collect unemployment, but what do you do when its just you?

And lastly you have no one else to fall back on. The whole entirety of the work falls on you. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done. No coworkers to help pick up your slack or fix your errors. No ability to call in sick and get someone to cover you. It’s just you. And that leaves you feeling very lonely and very scared.

The last thing you need to figure out. Is it worth it? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and get started. But if you’re still stumbling around, maybe you need to do a little more reflection. Ask yourself, what is holding you back, and is it something you can overcome.

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