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I’ve been making changes and realigning with what I truly believe in. Sounds like it should be a quick shift. If it’s my truth, there should be no struggle, right? Wrong.

I’m not saying it’s a difficult shift or something of burden. I’m mentioning this because it takes time and is not an overnight process. Shifting you thought process takes work. This isn’t something that just pertains to a business either, it pertains to everything we do.

We have patterns of beliefs and thoughts around EVERYTHING. We have them about food, exercise, money, entertainment, friends, family, etc. The list could go on. The problem is many of us don’t know what those beliefs are, and because of this, we are blocking ourselves from making the changes we want.

Every January people make “New Year’s Resolutions” that last maybe a week or if you lucky a couple months. Why is it every year people genuinely want to make changes in their life, and every year very little has changed? Well part of it stems from not knowing why you are in the place you are currently in. Most people will explain their circumstances in the form of blame or circumstance.

If you truly want change you need to take responsibility for where you are now. You need to be brutally honest about the choices you have made, that have led you to where you are. Then look at the thought patterns that allowed you to make these decisions. Once you’ve identified these thoughts, if you truly want to change, you need to re-write these belief patterns to reflect the truth you want to live.

It’s also not a one and done thing. You have to keep re-writing, and remembering and making the choices that lead you closer to the self you want to become. Like I said in the beginning of this blog, realigning is a process, but an important one worth doing.

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