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Ready or Not! I am Doing This!

So, I’m actually doing it. I have been working on myself for over a month to clear out old wounds and bad “coding.” I have been working on myself to better myself and rise to new levels of clarity and understanding. I have been discovering many things along the way and now I’m ready to take all those lessons and finally make the leap I’ve been wanting to take for over four years now.

I’m going public about doing tarot readings. I’m letting everyone I know what it is I would like to do with my future moving forward. Its scary, I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure how people are going to react. Some people have been supporting me this whole journey and others don’t have a clue. I’m keeping this from my current job at the moment, just because I don’t want there to be any conflicts of interest that can get me fired before I’m ready to leave.

That’s another thing. When do I know is the right time? Will people even respond and ask for readings? Will this fall flat on its face? These are all questions I don’t have answers to, until I put myself out there. All I can do is hope for the best and learn along the way.

Obviously, I really want this to work, but desire sometimes is not enough. I’m trusting the universe though. I am in the belief that there is abundance out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of being true to yourself in order to receive it.

I have been hiding a huge part of myself from everyone most of my life. In doing so, I have not been the happiest I could be. Not saying that I depressed and miserable, because I am fairly happy with my current life. But I’m aware I could be more, and that finally breaking free of those chains I have allowed to hold me back for so long I will feel true bliss instead of just momentary peace and happiness. I’m not saying its necessarily going to be easy, I’m just saying I’m not hiding behind a mask anymore, which is the realest and most important blessing of all.

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