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So, I was recently reminded of my original goal and purpose when I started my business. Truth is (and I had forgotten) holistic healing is something I felt passionate about. I believe there is more to medicine than what modern medicine is to us.

Healing takes place at the heart, and our emotions and thoughts have a lot to play into our healing. While science is just now acknowledging this, ancient civilizations have written this down and taught this too be true, and science laughed at it. They thought it was primitive and uneducated, only to come full circle and start putting a lot money into research about how emotions and thoughts effect our body and energy field.

And that’s the thing, we have written off anything that doesn’t agree with the most “educated people” of our times because it can’t be proven by math. Well truth is, that is a very flawed approach to life. Things don’t have to have a quantitative value for them to be real. True healing happens in the heart. Disease stems from the heart. Viruses are a form of social disease, created by the masses through our emotions and fears.

Now a lot are going to ask about my degrees or years of research to prove this true, well those are the type of people who allowed us to lose many healing techniques. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not preaching that current science is bad, or that it should be ignored. I believe in vaccines, and antibiotics. Current science has made the lives of so many people better and that can’t be ignored either. I am not trying to discredit or disown science and the medicine it has given us; I’m just trying explain there is more to healing than the medicine that you obtain from the doctor.

So, this is where I am now, remembering my truth and what it was I wanted to share with others. Alternative healing. Healing that starts and ends with you. Your body is capable of more than we could ever imagine, and this used to be a well-known fact and over the centuries we have forgotten this. I am still a tarot reader and I will still be doing my readings, but I will also be posting more blogs about what I’m learning and how we can help to heal ourselves before we cause the damage and need to see a doctor.

I’m not trying to replace a doctor or claim to work miracles, I just know there is more to healing than what we have been taught.

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