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Moving Forward

Sometimes making decisions is easy. It’s the action that can be difficult. Not that it’s the lack of drive to do the action, but the energy to make time for it when you are already have so much to do. Anyone who knows me would probably ask how am I so busy? Truth, my life is no one else’s life, so while others have more obvious reason to be busy, my exhaustion is just as valid. Healing and spiritual work is very exhausting work, but it also rewarding. My motto right now is to just keep moving forward.

Every day I try to make sure I am doing something that is pushing myself forward. Even if that is just doing a load of laundry to make sure I have clean clothes for awhile or work on something new for my growth in business. I am constantly trying to make decisions that will help me as I go forward.

Changing habits is hard, but when I’m making these changes through healing it gets a bit easier. I keep asking myself, is this something I truly want, or is this just a band-aid? If it’s a band-aid, I try to work through the thoughts and feelings that are leading me to make that decision, and then consider what the best decision is.

It can also be hard to have faith. Mainly faith in yourself, when every time you have tried to step up, you ended up falling even lower and farther than where you originally were. Again, this is because of the decisions I’ve made. In the past I chose band-aids and no real healing is done when you apply a band-aid. Yes, sometime it is necessary to use one, but you can’t keep applying it and hoping it will fix the problem.

Every time I choose to work through the issue, no matter how small it seems, I’m allowing myself just that much more faith in me. See the reason I failed in the past wasn’t because I’m doomed or all the outward influences I blamed. It was because the decisions I made didn’t align with the path I wanted to be on. I wasn’t honest with myself, and that is how I lost faith. The more honest and vulnerable I am to myself the more faith I can build. This faith is not just in myself but in the higher powers that guide me as well.

So, if you find yourself in a rut, maybe ask "What do I need to do to move forward?” Maybe the answer will be as simple as drink water or meditate. Maybe it will be something big like start a YouTube channel or a start writing your book. Or maybe its something in between. Whatever it is, as long as you are being totally honest with yourself, you will find yourself moving forward.

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