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Journeys. Everyone talks about “the journey” or “the process,” yet not too many people talk about what being on those journeys are actually like. You see all the memes and inspirational posts that remind you “the destination isn’t happiness, you have to find happiness in the journey.” While there is much truth in that statement it leaves no room for the struggle and other emotions you feel while you are on the journey.

I myself am on a new journey, a very tiring, emotional draining, exciting and rewarding journey. I have taken my business to a new level of real and for the past three weeks have dove into waters I originally thought were too deep. At times I felt like I was drowning, at others if felt like the current was going to take me under. When I was in these moments, I always remembered I have a life vest. That life vest is my higher self and spiritual guides. When things became to much I would still myself and remember to express my truth and then listen.

Now, I know this common and everyone knows to do this, but how often do we do it? Be honest with yourself, how often do you really still your mind and listen? I thought I was great at it, then I realized I was only great at doing it in waters that were comfortable to me. In familiar lakes and oceans I already knew the tides and the flows of the current. These new waters, really tested me, and because of that I have found myself stronger, wiser, and calmer than I’ve ever been. That is my reward and never imagined I could be this way yet here I am, STILL on my journey and have received those rewards.

So yeah, the journey is important and it is where happiness is, but remember that journey is meant to challenge you and help you grow. The journey is supposed to make you question your beliefs and reprioritize for your highest good. The journey is meant to be uncomfortable, so that you can find comfort in yourself. The journey is meant to be challenging so you can your strength. Sometimes the journey will be easy, and sometimes you’ll have to climb up steep slope, but what always matters is, that you move forward.

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