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Holistic Healing

I’ve been shifting my priorities back to my origins of the desire to create this business. The want to help others through holistic healing. I wrote about this in the last blog, and am continuing the journey of moving forward with this at the forefront of business. Ironically most of it has to be done mentally and then written down so I can see the new path. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because this is a crucial part of creating change that often gets left out and overlooked.

I made the decision to make a shift in my business, but I need to see what that looked like and what changes I need to make. Holistic healing is a wide umbrella that covers many different forms of healing and therapy. Of course, part of my path will still be with tarot, but I am working out details of what else I want to include. My current focus, natural remedies.

I’ve always held a firm belief the best medicine comes from nature. Once again, I am not denying the advancements science has made, when we neglect ourselves past the point nature can help us, then yes, we need the medicine. I’m talking about using nature to help you as soon as symptoms start. Yet first one must be taught how to identify their symptoms. Truth is when symptoms first start, we are inclined to ignore those symptoms and shrug it off as something minor.

Common example, when you get a headache what do you normally do? Do you just go and take same pain relief medicine? Or, do you actually take the time to think about what could be causing the headache? You’re first reaction maybe to scoff at this notion. You have a stressful job, and are a parent with no free time, let alone trying to diagnose what the “cause” of my headache is. Well, that’s the problem. First, its just an excuse, you always have time to care for yourself. Maybe not right away, but you can make time. This is where holistic healing and nature works, it starts with a new mental approach to healing.

Back to my headache example. You feel the headache and as you go grab for the medicine, before you take the medicine, or even right after. Ask yourself what could be causing this headache? Consider if its, just stress and maybe later you’ll need to do something extra to allow yourself to relax. Are you dehydrated? Maybe you just need to remember to drink more water. Have you eaten today? Maybe you need to make a sandwich or grab a protein bar. Is it seasonal allergies or sinus? Make sure you take the proper precautions to help it from getting worse. Just asking yourself “what could be causing my headache?” will help make you more aware of what needs to be done to really heal it, and this is one of the many ways holistic healing works. It starts with you making the cognitive change in how you handle your symptoms.

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