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Decisions and Realities

The relief after writing my last blog was great, and so was publicly stating to the world that I am a professional tarot reader. The lack of any type of response was a little disappointing, but that is ok. With each step I take I am learning more and more lessons. I’m working to change my whole life not just make some extra money (though extra money is always nice). I’m not going to lie, for a second, I avoided my cards thinking I got it wrong and the universe was telling me I wasn’t meant to be the tarot reader I want to be, but then I remembered the truth and got real.

My life is mine to make, and I get to do with it as I choose. That does not mean that my actions are without consequence. That is just foolish thinking. Science (and Hamilton) says “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So, what am I deciding to do differently? Well, I decided I need to make room for my new life style. Yes, my office is already pretty organized and my house (for the most part) is pretty clean, but its my life style and daily habits that are “busy.” When I say busy, I mean I have found things to keep me occupied that I use as excuses as to why I can’t do that “tarot thing” I want to do. I say to myself “I don’t have time for it.” Well, if I don’t have time for it, then certainly other people don’t have time for it either. So, I am deciding to try to set aside sometime through out the week where I dedicate sometime to doing SOMETHING tarot related, instead of just utilizing it one day a week.

In order to assure I do this; I am challenging myself to study one suit a week of the minor arcana. I have also told myself I’m ok if this takes more than four weeks. Tarot has always been a big teacher for me, so I can imagine that some suits or even individual cards will take up more of my time than others. And that’s ok, that’s part of the study. To get more personal with the cards and to learn their lessons a deeper level.

Now the question is which suit do I start with?

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